Meet the Three Quills

Jen, Leigh & Caroline all share a passion for Writing, Romance, and the Regency era.

Putting our Quills together, we bring you Anthologies containing a short story from each of us to introduce you to our work and our unique styles.
The first, 'A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan', is Free. Just click on the cover.

The 'Tangled' Anthologies and their Themes.

#1. The stories in 'A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan' have a Christmas theme and had to mention a family banquet and a baby. The 'Tartan' is because Caroline writes Scottish Regency. Available now. Just click on the cover.

#2. The theme for 'A Tangle of Tiaras and Titles' is a Garden Party and a tiara and a title are obligatory! Cover reveal is planned for 1st. May and  the book should be ready for Pre-Order  @ 0.99c by 1st June. It will go live on 21st June 2021.
#3. 'A Tangle of Todays and Tomorrows'  will again have a Christmas theme but the story must be about a night and the day/days after.  Release date 31 October 2021.


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