'Regency Rebelles'

'Regency Rebelles' series

Stannesford, Oxfordshire, England

The heroines of the 'Regency Rebelles' series live in, or have some connection to, the five great estates surrounding Stannesford, a fictitious village in Oxfordshire. (See the map below.)

Pennington Towers (top left) 

Bk.2. 'Courage of Conviction '- Lady Lucy Wolfenden & Colonel Gabriel Wolfenden, Earl of Pennington.                                                                                                                                    Bk.5. 'Gift of Salvation' - Lady Victoria Wolfenden & Lord Bennett Adderley of Highbrooke (top right).

Stannesford Hall (bottom left)

Bk.1. 'Wages of Sin' - Lady Liberty Davencourt & Levi Longfellow (Larkhurst Manor)                          Bk.6. 'Illusion of Innocence' - Lady Verity Davencourt & Lord Sinclair Wolfenden                      Bk.8. 'Road to Revelation' - Lady Charity Davencourt & Colonel Lord Tarquin, Earl of Carradene.

Winstanley Priory (centre)

Bk.4. 'Mask of Disguise' - Lady Caroline Winstanley & Captain Jackson Arlington.

Highbrooke  (top right)

Bk.3. 'Rules of Rebellion' - Lady Raquelle Adderley & Major Alex 'Griz' Beaumont.                              Bk.7. 'Risk of Defamation' - Lady Angelique Adderley & Lord Hugh Davencourt (Stannesford Hall)    Bk.9. 'Hope of Reclamation' - Miss Rosemarie Longfellow (Stannesford Mill & Lord Grayson Adderley (Highbrooke.)

Larkhurst Manor (off the page bottom mid-right) - Features in:-

1st Novella, 'Propriety Be Damned'                                                                                                Bk.1. 'Wages of Sin'                                                                                                                        Bk.4. 'Debt of Honor'                                                                                                                      Bk.7. 'Risk of Defamation'

The Family Trees

If you like family trees, this is for you.

So far I have created 9 trees for this series. I will share them here when they become relevant.

Be aware they are 'living' documents and prone to change/addition from time to time. 

(I have the POWER. I created this world!)

Davencourt Family Tree

The Davencourt Family Tree pertains to:-

Freebie Novella, 'Propriety Be Damned'      Book.1. 'Wages of Sin'  Book.6. 'Loss of Innocence'        Book.8. 'Road to Revelation'  Book.9. 'Risk of Defamation'                                                                Short Story, 'A Kiss for a Tart' in 1st 'Three Quills' Anthology 'A Tangle of Tinsel & Tartan'.

Wolfenden Family Tree

The Wolfenden Family Tree pertains to:-

Book.2. 'Courting Controversy'  Book.5. 'Gift of Salvation'  Book.6. 'Loss of Innocence'

Book.11. 'Truth of Deception'  Book.12. 'Law of Attraction'  Book.13. 'Promise of Satisfaction'

Adderley Family Tree

The Adderley Family Tree pertains to:-

Book.3. 'Rules of Rebellion'   Book.5. 'Gift of Salvation' 

Book.7. 'Risk of Defamation'   Book.9. 'Hope of Reclamation' 

Short Story - 'Mask of Fortune' coming in 2nd 'Three Quills' Anthology in May/June2021.


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