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Dialysis - A new stage on the journey.

Dialysis - the beginning of the rest of my life.

We pass through quite a few life-journey turning points as we travel this earthly existence. Birth; starting school; first love; first full time job; marriage; becoming a parent and then a grandparent and great grandparent; achieving a lifelong dream; losing love, parents or a significant other; illness or disease. The list is long and is different for each of us.

Some turning points we don't see coming and must deal with as we are able, right in the moment.

Others we plan for and look forward to.

And some we resist with every fibre of our being. Because 'THAT' is so not going to be me.

Then comes the moment of inevitability. I could keep resisting and simply throw away all those other wondrous turning points in my life and the joy, growth and learning they have brought me.

I could just give up and die.

'Yeah Nah!' as we like to say down here in NZ.

I have a devoted and incredibly supportive husband and family. I have so many caring and helpful friends.

I have books to write and books to read, places still to go -

Painful though acceptance might be, my only other choice was untenable.

But we are amazing creatures and in 8 weeks I have segued through shock and denial to resignation and acceptance, until eventually arriving at the moment of embracing the new order. That moment came probably five or six weeks ago.

Reality is a bitch! 🙂

These weeks hanging out for the operation to insert the catheter and waiting for it to heal have been getting harder and slower.

Or maybe that was just me. Getting slower by the minute it sometimes felt.

Today, I am that kid on Christmas Eve, who won't go to sleep 'cos Santa's coming down the chimney tonight.

He's bringing me dialysis, the gift of life, tomorrow. He'll be wearing an outfit I've never seen him in before, but I don't care.

I can't wait.

A new vista beckons.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure.

I'm packed and ready.

(Or I will be when my husband or daughter have done it for me!!! :) )

(The picture is of Mangapohue, the Natural Bridge, Waitomo, NZ. It's a bit of a trek and a bit of a climb, through a partially daylighted cave but the new vista is well worth the journey.)


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