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It's Spring And I'm Back

28 September 2021

Hullo from New Zealand,

It’s been a while since I’ve braved the world of publicity! But it’s time I stepped out again and brought you, my readers, up to date. If you are reading this, thank you!

Back in May I had my first knee replacement which went very well—until it didn’t! A very unfortunate encounter with a morphine related pain relief nearly ended my story right there and it’s taken all this time to get my head back in the game.

The other distraction, fairly major I guess, is that we sold our home in Piopio and moved into a rental until we could find what we wanted to buy. With the current house shortage in New Zealand exacerbated by so many ex-pats coming home to our safe haven, that became more of a mission than we could ever have imagined.

And yes, you read that right. We did that while I was recovering. Thank goodness for a wonderful family.

But finally we have bought a house in Tokoroa and look forward to moving into it during the first week of November. We will be so relieved. Renting suits neither of us.

Getting my writing mojo back was the best thing. There were several weeks when I doubted I’d ever feel right again. One should have more faith in the body’s ability to heal.

The deadline for the third anthology of short stories by ‘The Three Quills’ was looming before me and I hate not meeting deadlines! A short story was infinitely more achievable than one of my usual 100,000 word tomes, so I was able to slowly work myself back into the writing routine. Fortunately I knew whose story I wanted to write and had the rough outline for it. The ‘dreamwork’ was done. I just had to write it.

I still get a buzz from making that deadline! Weird, I know. Sorry.

Connie and Daniel’s story, ‘Only You’ is affiliated to the ‘Regency Rebelles’ series, which started with an idea for four books—and has expanded exponentially. Books 1 – 3 are available here:-

Book 4, ‘Debt of Honor’, has been a victim of all the above distractions, but I am finally into the last third of it so hope to have it available before Christmas. That might be a bit of a pipe dream since we will shift again before then!

Currently there are fourteen full length books planned for the series and the potential for the ‘short affiliates’ is exciting to discover.

Discovering things about my characters is as interesting as getting to know a new friend. When Lady Constance Highbrooke first appeared she was Raquelle’s mother, Lucy’s aunt, and pseudo aunt to all their friends. I loved her and so does everyone else. It was quite shocking to discover she has a lover, and has had for many years.

Connie and Daniel’s is an adultery story which spans many years, but I sincerely hope you will feel for their situation and want them to find their HEA as much as I did. Below is a short extract in Daniel’s point of view.

He’d told himself he’d come to the interview so he could see her, just once, then he would find another job somewhere else. Far, far away. America even.

He’d told himself he just needed to know she was well. Happy. Content without him.

He’d told himself a bunch of utter fustian.

She’d appeared before him, a lady, a countess, a goddess gowned in the verdant new green of spring, her changeling blue-green eyes guarded and wary, her straw blonde tresses secured in an elegant chignon. The only hint of the devil-may-care lass he’d loved had been in the one rebellious strand of hair she’d tucked behind her ear.

And yet, he assured himself, she was there. She must be. She wouldn’t have recommended him to her husband else—or tried so hard to tell him she wanted him here without actually saying the words. He’d always told himself he was an honorable man, as his father had taught him to be. Had he not proved that when Connie had begged him to take her innocence before he’d sought her hand from her father?

So—he was going to walk away again? Do the honorable thing and decline the job? Bizarrely, he’d found Lord Highbrooke congenial, knowledgeable, easy to converse with. Even likeable. The man would be a generous and fair employer and he was progressive in his thinking. Daniel already knew he would welcome the opportunity to work at Highbrooke.

Fortunately he no longer felt the need to bloody the man’s nose.

But he would cuckold him at the first opportunity.

So what did that say about honorable, straight-as-a-die, Daniel Macey?

It’s Spring here in New Zealand and I’m spending an inordinate amount of time watching the tui in the big old kowhai tree out the kitchen window. Tui are nectar eaters and flock to the kowhai trees in Spring. They are argumentative, acrobatic and entertaining. I know little about their habits but watching them they appear to be somewhat polyamorous, two or more males (presumably) dancing about one female. They run up and down the branches and swing from the slenderest of twigs, hanging upside down in order to extract nectar from the flowers. There seems to be a lot of bobbing and begging, teasing and feather fluffing going on. I wonder how she chooses and whether they then settle to a season of domestic bliss raising their chicks. Or do they mate for life? Hmm. Just another distraction…

Wherever you are, I hope the season is being kind to you.

Jen Yates

Regency Romance Author


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