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Make-it March

"Are we going to make it?"

The Three Quills update

Setting goals for myself and meeting them has never been my strong point. But I have discovered that if I set goals with someone else, or even with two someone elses, I will achieve everything I set out to do. Even writing a regular monthly blog! Who knew? Working with Leigh D'Ansey and Caroline Bagshaw on our 'Three Quills' anthologies has turned out to be  really rewarding.

I mentioned last month that we had a "logo and everything" so here is the big reveal. Dar Albert of created it for us, working from a sketch by Caroline.

Who are The Three Quills?

Leigh D'Ansey lives in Rotorua, New Zealand with her husband who is also an author, their dog Hutch, and with grandchildren not far away. Rotorua is the green blob on the map below.

Visit Leigh at her website

Caroline Bagshaw grew up in Scotland but now lives in Tamahere near Hamilton, New Zealand, with her husband, two teenage children and two kittens so new they still don't have names. Tamahere is the yellow blob on the map below.

Visit Caroline at her website

Jen Yates lives in the rural village of Piopio, New Zealand with her husband. Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are scattered about the North Island of New Zealand, and in Australia. Piopio is the red blob on the map below.

Visit her at her website - :) Oh - you're already here!

On the map below you will see we are all neatly in trine with one another. That has to mean something, aye?

Jen Yates Update

I'm pretty certain it means we will meet our deadlines. 

But will I meet other Jen Yates deadlines? Remains to be seen.

I am 20,000 words into 'Debt of Honor' Book 4 in the 'Regency Rebelles' series and my goal is to have it available for release on 12th June. That is quite fast writing for me - and I've only myself to be accountable to. You see? Excuses already. But perhaps now I've stated the goal aloud, it will galvanize me into steady progress.

What strategies do you use to help you meet your deadlines?

Marching on into March, make every day a good one.

Jen Yates


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