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Meet the ‘Three Quills’

Jen Yates, Leigh d’Ansey and Caroline Bagshaw are three Regency romance authors writing as ‘The Three Quills’.
On 31st October 2020, Jen, Leigh and Caroline published an anthology of three short stories , “A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan”.

The idea was to give readers a taste of each author’s work and the stories were to include a Christmas banquet and a baby.

The bonus for you? It is FREE.

The bonus for us, the authors? It was a carriage-load of fun and so rewarding we wanted to do more.

Writers tend to be an introverted breed and the journey usually a solitary one, so it was delightful to discover how much more rewarding that journey could be on all levels.

Brainstorming with two other people is more productive than batting ideas off your own sounding board.

Writing is more consistent and prolific because you have to report to someone else about your progress, and you have deadlines.

Planning is more productive because when working with others you cannot keep procrastinating and changing those deadlines to suit yourself.

Work becomes fun because the three of you have to meet over a long café lunch or a weekend retreat somewhere.

Yep. No one said it couldn’t be fun.

The best part is we are all good friends. We all belong to the Coast to Coast (C2C) Chapter of Romance Writers of New Zealand and live within two hours of one another in the North Island of New Zealand. Getting together for planning sessions is no hardship and our C2C colleagues have been very supportive.

Last year there was high tea at ‘Prince’s Gate Hotel’ in Rotorua and a book launch on October 31st in the Romeo & Juliet Pavilion of the Italian Renaissance Garden at the glorious Hamilton Gardens .

All in all it was so great working together we decided to publish two anthologies per year—and we needed to come up with a name.

The‘Three Birds’ seemed a bit prosaic.

‘The Triad’ met with definite opposition.

It needed to be something with more of a Regency tone.

The “Three Quills’ is it, and Dar Albert of has created a logo for us. (Not quite finalized yet.)With one book under our collective belts, a proper name and logo (and everything!), we are starting to feel quite professional.

In mid January we had an overnight retreat at St. Mary’s B&B in Piopio to plan the year ahead. What a fabulous venue. Ambience, quiet serenity, focus and inspiration.

And I have never been so organized!

Coming for summer solstice is the 2nd in our ‘Tangled’ series – ‘A Tangle of Titles and Tiaras’.

Or is it ‘A Tangle of Tiaras and Titles’?

Since I can’t remember, you will have to watch out for it. It will be on sale for 99c so start saving those cents/pennies now.

If you want to kick-start your writing mojo I highly recommend finding a couple of friends who write in a similar genre and discovering how you can motivate each other.

Have a fabulous February.

Jen Yates.


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