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The 'Regency Rebelles' are here.

Propriety Be Damned

It's pretty exciting to finally get this series off the ground and into cyberspace.

The opening novella, 'Propriety Be Damned', was challenging to write because Lord Henry Davencourt, Earl of Stannesford is 'different', and would not conform! Today he would probably have been diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome. In 1788 he just didn't fit in. Big, handsome, introspective, prone to saying the wrong things, and reclusive, Henry also has odd obsessions. One lifelong obsession being butterflies.

When his mother likens Miss Helena de la Mare Rousseau to a butterfly squirming on a pin, he knows he has to meet her.

Helena is psychic and really needs a protector. Henry is her man, and in his usual obsessive way, sets out to make her his wife, propriety be damned!

Their story is a novella and is perma-Free here

Wages of Sin

The heroine of the first book in the 'Regency Rebelles' series is Henry & Helena's first daughter, Lady Liberty Davencourt. Henry's vow to protect Helena and their family from any hint of scandal leads him to force Liberty into marriage with a much older man to prevent her making a match with the lowly miller's son, her particeps criminis from childhood.

True love will not be denied. Liberty discovers sin comes with a price and love has many faces.

Book.1. 'Wages of Sin' is now available for pre-order with release on 12 December 2020.

Here is the link

What do you think of the logo for this series? My cover designer, Dar Albert of created it. The heroines of this series are feisty, independent, thinking women who rebel against the strictures and expectations of the society of their time. Some are proficient with sword and pistol but all know how to 'be a Lady' when it counts.

Coming next:- 'Courting Controversy'. Proposed release date 12 February 2020.

To see the Davencourt family tree and the map of Stannesford Village, the setting for many of the stories in this series, visit my website.


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