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Launch of a 1000 Ships - well, 3 Books Actually!

It all started when Leigh D'Ansey ( ) said, 'Why don't we...?'

So we did, & the Anthology, 'A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan' ( )  came into being. We each contributed a short story of about 5000 words, which contained a baby and a reference to Christmas - since we planned to offer it as a little festive gift. Yes, it's FREE!

Leigh D'Ansey's story is a delightful Regency version of the original Christmas story and pertains to her Northbridge Brides series.

Caroline Bagshaw ( ) is the Tartan in this trio. Though living in New Zealand, she was born and raised in Scotland, and - Weel, ye cannae tak' the skirl out o' a Scots lassie!' So her story touched on Hogmanay rather than Christmas and ties in to her long awaited Highland Seer series. But aye, there's a bairn...

And we launched it with a 'launcheon' at the Italian Renaissance Garden, a feature of the Hamilton (New Zealand) Gardens, with the support of families, friends and fellow writers (who we're also privileged to call friends.)

But I did say 3 books, aye?

With much less fanfare (and much less fun) I also published the opening novella and Book 1 in my Regency Rebelles series,  Propriety Be Damned, and  Wages of Sin. 

But I will tell you more of this in my next post when Amazon has listed the novella FREE.

Meantime, A Kiss for a Tart, my story in the Anthology, is an aside to the Regency Rebelles series.

Miss Edith Longfellow is half-sister to the hero in Book 1, and Lord Magnus Masterson is younger brother to the hero in Book 8.


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