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Joint Anthology Coming 31st Oct. 2020

It's much more fun publishing and launching a book with other authors than going it alone.

For one, you have someone to share the excitement with. In this case two someones.

Leigh D'Ansey, Caroline Bagshaw and I have put together an anthology of three short stories to give you a taste of our writing styles and to entice you to delve into our new series as the books become available.

'A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan' will go live on 31st October and it will be FREE.

In preparation for the launch we met at the Princes Gate Hotel in Rotorua for High Tea. Since our British forbears didn't start colonising New Zealand until the 1840's we had to settle for an historic location built in the late Victorian era.

Photos of the Princes Gate Hotel, Rotorua, taken from their website.

With three other members of the Coast to Coast (C2C) Chapter of Romance Writers of New Zealand (RWNZ), we met at the hotel for High Tea and some photos.

By sharing the load we tripled the fun.

And High Tea was delicious.

Jen, Caroline and Leigh, a Regency Writing Triad with three very different styles.

And that touch of tartan? That's Caroline. She's as 'tartan' as they come. Hence her Christmas allusion is actually Hogmanay as Christmas was not celebrated in Scotland then.


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