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Lord Deverill Buchanan, aka Devil/The Pirate, rues the day he committed a dishonorable act with one sister in the youthfully mistaken belief he was behaving honorably towards the younger. Maturity, the hungering of his heart, and her brother’s fear for Lady Gypsophila’s safety causes him to concoct an elaborate tissue of lies, the only way either of them can think to prevail upon Gypsy to even speak to the man who devastated her 16 year old heart.

After that, it’s down to the fall of the cards—or is it?

"Regency Rebelles' series.​

"Regency Rebelles' series.

Novella, Propriety Be Damned' and Book 1, Wages of Sin' are live.

Book 2, Courting Controversy' is available for pre-order.

Coming next - 'Illusion of Innocence'

She so spoilt and innocent. He so experienced, cynical, hardened.

But what if the masks they wear are an illusion?

'Lords of the Matrix Club' series.

It's Spring And I'm Back

September 28, 2021
28 September 2021Hullo from New Zealand,It’s been a while since I’ve braved the world of publicity! But it’s time I stepped out again and brought you, my readers, up to date. If you are reading this, thank you!Back in May I had my first knee replacement which went very well—until it d...
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